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Why You Should Learn to Say ‘NO’

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Why You Should Learn to Say ‘NO’

How to learn to say noSaying NO..for most of us it’s easier said than done. This simple word is often unsaid, follow our tips on how to start saying no when it matters.

Would you be able to say no in any of the examples below?

– you have enough work as it is, but your manager asks you to take on some more

– you have some plans for the evening but your colleague asks you to stay longer and help / swap shifts

Most people find it hard to say no because we have a desire to please, helping others gives us joy. We feel good about ourselves when we are needed and all our lives we’ve been told that saying no is rude as selfish. So where do you draw the boundaries to stop taking on too much, putting yourself last and dealing with unnecessary stress? Learn to say no to others and say yes to more relaxed you.

How to say ‘NO’ and set boundaries

1. Prioritising

Is it always you that’s being asked to help colleagues, family or friends? If it’s too hard for you to strictly say no, set aside specific days and times to help others.


Your manager asks you to train junior colleagues.

What to say?

You can help with that but only on Friday afternoon after you’ve completed all your own tasks.

2. Standing up for yourself

Are you a ‘people pleaser’ ? Do you have a tendency to be friends with everyone and win everyone over? Deep inside, you know that this doesn’t really work well for both sides. You have to learn to stand up for yourself and say no to avoid becoming their target.

3. Stating your needs

Your own needs get put aside when you just go along with what others want; even though you see it as the easier option. When you say no, the other person may not mind as much as you imagined. Remember to say no in a non-threatening way and even offer alternatives.

If you want to become more confident and start saying no, you have to work on your skills and experience together with thinking positively. Feeling negative about yourself makes you feel more anxious. Think about how to improve in things you think you lack experience in.

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