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What are Psychometric Tests and Profiling?

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What are Psychometric Tests and Profiling?

What are psychometric tests and profiling and typesPsychometric – from the Greek words for mental and measurement.

Psychometric testing and profiling is used to objectively measure aspects of your mental ability or your personality. Psychometric tests are mostly used in the recruitment or selection process. Providing employers with a reliable method to select the most suitable job applicants or candidates.

Over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK are using psychometric testing and profiling. Psychometric tests are used by employers across sectors such as IT, engineering, energy, banking, consultancy, accountancy, the civil service, consumer goods and retail and public sector.

Psychometric tests measure intelligence, aptitude and personality; giving the potential employer an insight into how well you work with others, how you handle stressful situations, how likely are you to cope with the intellectual demands of the job.

Main types of psychometric tests:

Ability / Aptitude Tests

– measuring the ability to perform or carry out tasks

– assessing your logical reasoning or thinking performance

– multiple choice questions that are timed

Personality Tests / Questionnaires

– measuring how you do things, the way you interact with the surrounding environment and others

– questions address your feelings, thoughts and behaviour

– assessing your enthusiasm and motivation, personality, attitude and general work style

Personality psychometric tests offered by our accredited business coaches in the UK, Gibraltar or Malta:

Emotions and Behaviours at Work

IWAM Psychometrics

MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Thomas International DISC Psychometrics


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