Manage and Deal with Difficult Situations

A list of the possible areas for inclusion on a two-day programme on assertiveness. This is a mix and match sweet assortment that is available. Once we meet and gain more clarity we will be able to create the most suitable programme for your intended audience.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is assertiveness? What are the challenges? Body and mind connection
  • How you communicate to yourself – changing your internal story to something more empowering
  • Raise awareness and find some workable answers to the question, ‘how can I be more courageous?’
  • Allows people to become conscious of the effect they have on the environment and the people around them
  • Explores what the little differences are, that will make the big differences
  • Understands the importance of prioritising and minimising distractions
  • Gives a tool set to manage and deal with difficult situations
  • Create a stronger team network that supports assertive behaviours
  • Allows you to explore what are the bests ‘states’ for producing your best work
  • Get people focused on what the job is all about – and be accountable for it
  • Develops goal planning, setting targets that are motivational and stretch individuals as well as planning the steps needed to achieve them
  • Explore ways to build on the social relationships that are in place, to make them more productive.
  • Understand the power of intention
  • Active Listening – Remind participants about the importance of giving customers 100% attention
  • Understanding Personality Styles – Increase the ability to build rapport with a wide range of people
Our Assertiveness Training course, held in UK Gibraltar or Malta is bespoke designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs. If you would like to discuss dates, group bookings or one to one session please get in touch. We offer corporate, group and early bird discounts.