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You’re already a Non-Executive Director or want to become one?

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You’re already a Non-Executive Director or want to become one?

If you’re already a non executive director (NED) you will know that one of the the best things about the role is the opportunity to contribute to the success of a company and the knowledge that you’ve helped to achieve it. The other side of the coin and also what you are there for, is the regulatory side of things. Too much focus in one direction or another may be at the detriment of other important parts of the job! It is therefore essential to understand the critical requirements and appropriate skill set of a non-executive director.

And maybe your not in a non executive position yet, but have decided that the next step in your career is to become a NED, how do you get started? what are the requirements, expectations and critical requirements of the role.


Whether you are already on the board or want to get on board with a ‘blue chip’ company, a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a bright new start-up! Companies are looking for NEDs who are experienced all-rounders often with industry-specific skills. Those who can bring independent, objective perspectives to the business, identify new opportunities, share ideas and even draw attention to issues that may not be self-evident to people immersed in the daily business.

As more individuals choose ‘portfolio careers’ and demand for non-executive directors continues to rise within multiple sectors including third sector organisations and private companies, it has never been more important to equip yourself to fully understand the critical requirements and appropriate skill set of a non-executive director.

Gain practical advice from an hugely experienced portfolio non-executive director and participate in interactive case studies on our one day course: 

‘Role of the Non-Executive Director’ 7th April 2017 Gibraltar

You will leave with a profound understanding of the role of a non-executive director, how to secure this position and first class strategies to hone your skill set and improve your knowledge and be able to:

• Identify the key attributes of an effective NED
• Recognise the legal and practical responsibilities of the NED
• Identify how a NED can help to create an effective board
• Appreciate how a NED can add value in and out of the boardroom
• Apply knowledge & skills to effectively deal with boardroom challenges
• Build your profile through an extended peer network
• Effectively apply and prepare for a NED position

Contact us to reserve your place on the “Role of the Non-Executive Director” 1 day Course on 7th April 2017 in Gibraltar

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