Adie has over 30 years of experience within Fortune 100 companies, public and not-for profit sectors.

  • TAP Qualified Trainer
  • High Performance Coach
  • PRISM® & Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Member of the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Action Learning Sets Facilitator
  • iWAM Profiling Practitioner
  • Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)
  • Co-author of Neuro Linguistic Programming: NLP for Executive and Professional Development
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Adie is a consultant, coach, author and trainer. He began his career in the UK Civil Service, before moving into the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. Adie has been a C Level director, running marketing and income generation teams, senior learning coach, development director and deputy chief executive.

Adie uses planning, influencing and creativity strategies to enable clients to understand their current situation, clarify their outcomes and create the strategies that will allow them to be effective and increase their performance and results. Adie’s approach is enormously empowering. His starting position is an attitude for curiosity about people and how we structure our subjective experience to create success. .

Adie began working in the professional development field in 1999 and sought out the leading thinkers in personal and profession development to learn from and work alongside. He continues that to this day. He is deeply influenced by positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming and emotional intelligence.

From the Houses of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, the boardroom and international conferences to community halls, the school classroom and family living room, Adie has taught the mindset, skills and tools to be more influential and more successful. Over the years, thousands of clients throughout the world have personally experienced Adie’s approach and commitment through his work on training courses, coaching sessions and speaking at international conferences.

Co-author of ‘NLP for Executive and Professional Development’ published by the Uni. of Greenwich Press 2009. One reviewer called the book “the first NLP book I actually enjoyed reading” and referenced the way it explains the subject “simply, clearly and systematically using diagrams, illustrations and more importantly – plain English”.