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The Olympian Within

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The Olympian Within

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Aren’t they amazing?

I have dedicated hours to watching the best of the best swim, dive, double backflip twist with pike and shoot feathered sticks 70ft that make Robin Hood & Katniss Everdeen look like 2 dimensional figures in someone else’s imagination!

What would you say if I told you that you had an Olympian within you? Or at least a bit of one! What would that do for your self esteem? How would that positively affect your life? Career? Marriage? Would you believe me? I know my mother wouldn’t. But I argue that you do. I say that every one of us has the potential to fulfill our deepest dreams and desires.

So, let’s experiment, play a little game if you will:

1) Imagine for a moment that you unquestionably believe that you can achieve anything you deeply want. What precisely do you want? Most of us struggle to answer this question in a meaningful way. I know I do! I haven’t spent a great deal of time thinking about what I want; life usually gets in the way. Therefore, for the purpose of the exercise I shall answer this now…umm happiness? Or perhaps contentment is nearer the mark. But is that specific? Not really!

One of the many and varying beautiful parts that make up an elite athlete is their massive desire to fulfill their specific & measurable goal. For many, this is obtaining a medal…or, if you are Mr. Phelps, another gold medal to add to your collection of mainly gold medals! The important words here are “Specific” & “Measurable”.

If you can some how figure out what it is you want in specific and detailed terms, and you are sure of exactly how you will know you have achieved this (standing on the podium & hearing your national anthem is a clue), congratulations, you have a goal you can work towards! Step 1 to becoming a more Olympian version of you has been achieved.


Olympian Tricks


2) The next question is: Can you really be bothered to go there? You may laugh at this question and say “of course”, but how do you know? Have you worked out all the steps you will need to achieve in order to get there? Do you have all the knowledge and resources and your disposal? Are you prepared to dedicate the next X years of your life to accomplish this goal? Are you willing to give up your social life, weekends, possibly change & control what you eat and when?


team rowers

Are you ready for the pain, failure, blood, sweat & tears?


eddieAre you prepared to keep on going even when all the odds & even your own team are against you? Think of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, Winter Olympian 1988. Well, if you’re anything like me, then perhaps not. Fear of failure, embarrassment & exhaustion cause me to crumble before I’ve even got out of bed in the morning. “I’ll do it tomorrow” I say, “Pass the crumpets and butter, will you?”

And yet, it is possible & it doesn’t have to be quite so black and white. In fact, my kids teach me that to FAIL is only a First Attempt In Learning. And, there is that very famous saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But if you think about it, it’s probably rather useful to know in which direction you need to set off, how long you estimate it will take you & what you expect to find when you get there…right?

3) The last point in becoming a bit more ‘Olympianic’ is to get a good team around you. No man is an island (as someone famous once said) and every Olympian has a coach &/or mentor, helping them to reach what most ‘normal’ human beings consider to be impossible, especially after a large lunch. A coach provides you with the feedback you need in order to improve, the proverbial kick when you momentarily loose focus or determination, and is the person who has your back & will help you get back on track after crushing blows. They are your guardian angels helping you to harness the grit & dedication you need to achieve what it is you really, truly want in life.

And you can, as there really is a little Olympian inside you waiting to grow, desperate to help you get to where you really want to be!


So, what are you going to do about it?

If you want to know more and you want ‘Coaching’ helping you to achieve more and more, then contact us at Power of Words.

Isabella Blazewicz
Associate Trainer
Power Of Words

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