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Team Building A Magical Day

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Team Building A Magical Day

Gibraltar has an incredible variety of unique venues to offer, matching the diversity of it’s culture and history, and none more so than the official residence and office of the Governor of Gibraltar.

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Power of Words had the privilege of working at The Convent, the official and historic name of the Governor’s Palace for 300 years, facilitating a Team Building event with 15 of the Convent team. Including his Excellence Lieutenant-General Edward Davis CB CBE or Ed as he prefers to be called.

The Convent requires something special to keep everything tip top and this historic venue is certainly in good hands! and down to the fact that there’s a great team in place working brilliantly together.

The team building day was a huge success, empowering and truly magical.

His Excellence The Governor was happy to share his enthusiasm for the event.

Dear Gabrielle,

It was a pleasure and an opportunity to have you work with us, truly I’m still glowing from the experience and so excited about the relationship strengthening you achieved.  Thank you so much.  Team Convent is so much nearer to being One Team thanks to your brilliance, which was Inspiring to behold and a gift to receive.

You masterfully understood the challenge, created a perfectly structured and pitched event. Passionately, authentically and thus decisively delivered a challenging outcome.  A fragile team now empowered and enthused to progress.  Trust and belief filled the room – beautiful.   

 Words do have power; but it’s all about how you communicate them.  And, Gabrielle that’s  your brilliance.

 Lieutenant-General Edward Davis CB CBE

 Governor and Commander-in-Chief Gibraltar

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