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So 2017 is officially started!

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So 2017 is officially started!

Screenshot 2017-01-17 09.59.45Gabrielle Gache

As I reflected on last year, with Brexit and Trump as two major landmarks and then the various losses, Bowie, Prince and George Michael at the last furlong, it was a year of the unexpected. I experienced emotions of sadness and shock at levels I’d not experienced before.

Stepping into 2017 it strikes me that, well firstly, the number 2017 is a prime number. As a closet geek, that I find to be quite exciting!

Now that leads me to think new…new number, new possibilities, new adventures. A prime number, not divisible by any number that has gone before! A new year…maybe not made up of what has gone before?

In a world where we have control over very little, what if we embrace this year to be a year of firsts. To find that place in your life where you can find your centre, find your peace, find your excitement, find your creativity. What dare you desire? What are your prime thoughts?

Here’s to an exciting 2017… dare to dream new and dare to dream big!


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