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What are you going to achieve today, this week, this month?

Maybe it’s developing a new idea or strategy, possibly making a great sale. Perhaps it’s having a different conversation, or a difficult one? Could be delivering a great presentation or holding an effective meeting, trying something new, holding that family event, or even achieving 5k on the treadmill in your best time yet!

For some of you it is easy and for some it is very difficult to achieve some, all or any of the above. Everyone has beliefs about what they can or cannot achieve, which can motivate and inspire us or not. A belief is something we consider to be true for us, our reality.

Beliefs though, can be changed. Some you might want to change, especially those that limit you, like the ones that support the belief that we CAN”T do something, or be the sort of person who is something, like: confident, assertive, strong, kind, likeable, successful. When we believe we CAN”T it stops us, freezes us, fools us and we probably won’t even try.


When we believe WE CAN do something, we’ll give it a go and are pretty likely to succeed!

The key to changing beliefs is to find the evidence to support a new belief!
Think about it like this… you are doing things, you are achieving right now, you are accomplished in many ways, every day you succeed at something, yes you do!

And take a look back and see, remember and notice what you’ve accomplished over time, did you think you would accomplish all those things that you have, this is your evidence that you can.

Learn and grow from experience. Give it a go!

When we give it a go we are already starting from a point closer to our goal, closer to what we want or how we want to be. And then things get easier, our abilities have increased and then we start to really believe we can achieve, and then you’ll be doing what you considered you couldn’t. Remember you have and you CAN!


Power of Words coaching provides you with the feedback you need in order to fully gain that belief in yourself, a coach will help you get back on track to achieve more and more, dedicated to your needs, to achieve what it is you really, truly want in life.

Want to know more contact us at Power of Words. http://www.powerofwords.eu/contact-us/

Trish McCoy
Associate Trainer
Power Of Words

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