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DISC test measures Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.
DISC profiles are presented in a simple graphical form, it produces three distinct profile shapes – the Internal, the External and the Summary. These profile shapes are based on analyses of different sets of answers and each describes a different aspect of a person’s behaviour. Each profile shape will come to light in a certain type of situation.

Benefits of DISC Profiling:

  • Improved communication
  • Better team dynamics, more effective team
  • Advanced understanding of what motivates people
  • Reduced conflict and misunderstanding
  • More productive sales conversations
  • Higher levels of motivation and cooperation
  • Better results

DISC Profiling Can Help You and Your Team:

  • Improve response to conflicts, find out what motivates you or causes stress and how to solve problems
  • Minimize conflicts within team and improve teamwork
  • Learn to identify and respond to customer styles to improve your sales skills
  • Become more effective manager, leader
We offer Thomas International DISC Psychometrics in UK, Gibraltar or Malta. If you would like to discuss dates, group bookings or one to one session please get in touch.

Location: In-house

Investment£250 per attendee

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