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NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming is the ‘how to’ toolkit that enables you to be more successful in your life and to enable others to be more successful in life.

Success is said to be 80% mindset and 20% strategy.

Licensed NLP Courses

Increase your success intelligence, influence and persuasion skills. NLP enables you to get into your peak state allowing you to optimise your potential. Read more about what NLP is, its benefits and uses and choose from the following NLP courses we offer.

Introduction to NLP

Licensed Business Practitioner

Licensed Business Master Practitioner

About NLP

Bespoke Training Courses in NLP and Business NLP

Power Of Words can create and prepare bespoke training courses in NLP or Business NLP for individuals or groups.

Bespoke NLP

iWAM Psychometrics

iWAM – The Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation is aimed at trainers, consultants, coaches, HR professionals, managers and CEOs. It’s a questionnaire (48 parameters are measured and explained) that is used in job related activities – recruitment, coaching or training. The iWAM questionnaire is based on metaprograms (a model of cognitive thinking styles)

Increase Business Results

Thomas International DISC Psychometrics

Psychometric tests assessing personality and behaviour that help to empower business leaders in transforming their teams’ performance.

Transform your Team

Emotions and Behaviours at Work

Improve Performance using Emotional Intelligence, highly accurate and reliable assessment of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Improve Performance