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How You Can Improve Your Personal Influence and Impact

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How You Can Improve Your Personal Influence and Impact

How you can improve your personal influence and impactAre you ever in a situation where your role is to influence and impact a person or group?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then read on… Many people simply get on with the parts of the job that require you to speak with influence and impact. You may have learnt through trial and error, or watched to see how other successful speakers do it and copy some of their tricks. Some of you will have been on courses (and still do what you did before the course!) and others of you just do it and do your best (with or without the nerves!).

The trick with influencing and impacting others is not in the content. It is more about you. How do you present yourself both externally and more importantly internally? Does your perception match others perceptions of you? How do you accept others’ feedback? Do you get any and if so do you fight it, justify it, ignore it or use it as the gift that it is?

If you watch any speaker that inspires, there are a number of common components to how and what they do. One of the key factors to any dynamic, inspirational and charismatic person is that they are authentic. There is no mask! There is an integrity and reality to their persona.

That authenticity allows you to buy in to their message and their call to action…whatever it may be. The strategy they use includes elements of logic. Logic on its own, however, will only work for a small percentage of the population. Logic and your true persona will increase the odds. The secret is to engage the emotion. Emotion without logic and authenticity can be fluff, story, empty motivation…a high or low that fizzles out.

Engage logic and emotion with complete integrity and authenticity and you are cooking. The magic of inspiration is born.

This can be taught!!

If you want to know more and you want to become a better influencer and be able to have more impact then contact Gabrielle Gaché at Power of Words.

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