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How to Succeed as a Business Leader – Communication

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How to Succeed as a Business Leader – Communication

Communication skills and business leadershipA great communicator is a person that speaks with the purpose of expressing rather than impressing. We’ve all come across people that love the sound of their voice however they speak mostly about meaningless things.

Speaking to impress builds gaps, speaking to express builds bridges.

Those that are great communicators, earned the right to speak on that particular subject because they have experienced the situation themselves.

When you are communicating with your superiors, colleagues or employees you should not only be understood but also understand others. You have to know which words to choose to communicate powerful messages. Your audience will remember how you made them feel, not necessarily what exactly you said.

The real art of being a great communicator is to say the right things in the right place and knowing when to stay quiet and avoid saying the wrong thing; even if you are tempted to speak. Learn to say things in a way that others can understand the meaning.

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