Adds value for the year ahead

It is a well known fact that people make decisions emotionally and then justify their decisions logically. When it comes assessment time, many managers procrastinate, dread and avoid getting down to the job. The reality is that assessments create extra costs, require more resource of time and man power and if done badly can cut profit margins, reduce loyalty, increase staff turnover and can even increase sick leave. This has to be more controlled. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is disabling managers and their teams from becoming greater leaders.
This workshop will be designed to enable the participants to gain greater confidence to say and write what needs to be said and written. We will cover the numerous ways of saying what needs to be said in an elegant manner. When you attend this course you will develop your skills through experiential situational role-plays with actors to make it realistic. You will have real conversations that end with assessment forms being completed.

What Will You Gain:

  • How to give effective feedback and encouragement so that the individuals in your team grow and fulfill their potential
  • Improving language patterns so that you can ask harder questions in soft ways and elegantly converse and gain commitment
  • How to face difficult situations with confidence
  • How visualisation can be used to pre-empt otherwise unforeseen situations
  • How you effectively communicate with others and to understand the impact that you have on them
  • Be more assertive and give clear messages
  • Overcome your fears about saying what needs to be said
  • Deal with the emotions that may be aroused in your audience
  • Think through the consequences of any conversations
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Ensure greater success
Our Professional Art of Assessments course, held in UK Gibraltar or Malta is bespoke designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs. If you would like to discuss dates, group bookings or one to one session please get in touch. We offer corporate, group and early bird discounts.