The Professional ART of saying NO where others feel the YES


It is a well-known fact that people make decisions emotionally and then justify their decisions logically. Very often extra requests are made by clients, colleagues, managers and others, impacting your time as an individual and as a business your costs and resources, cutting into profit margins, effecting revenue, growth, planning.

This has to be far more controlled. Many people are working out of the wprry or fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) of losing face, losing a colleague, losing a promotion, losing the sale, losing the client or losing an opportunity by saying no. They are missing a trick or two.


For groups and individuals:

This workshop is designed to enable managers. Selling concepts to get more buy in and business on your terms. Throughout the day you will explore the consequences of continually saying YES and the ripple effects of NO-saying.

You will uncover the numerous ways of saying NO professionally and elegantly so that by the end of your experience you will feel more comfortable and will be more equipped to get the results that you originally set out to achieve.

Understanding of when you do need to draw the boundaries, if you find yourself committing to too much, putting yourself last and dealing with unnecessary stress. Assertiveness can help you to express yourself in a clear, open and reasonable way, without undermining your own or others’ rights and having a well-formed goal reduces the risk of ‘nibbling’. You will develop your skills through experiential situational real life scenarios and role-plays, making it real for you!

What Will You Gain:

  • How, by asking the right quality questions you can affect the value of the answers to achieve what you are aiming for
  • How to recognise ‘nibbling’ and turn it around to create added value for you the client and your business
  • Explore the enormous costs to the individual, team and business of constant ‘nibbling’
  • How, through your effective communication, you can demonstrate assertive behaviour to inspire greater confidence
  • Being mindful and not freely giving away your ‘negotiables’
  • How to create a win, win, win situation
  • How your self-image affects your outcomes and how you can improve your self-image to improve your outcomes
  • How understanding ‘Meta-programmes’ will improve your ability to get to the outcome you want more easily
  • How, by creating a well-formed outcome, you are more likely to get there elegantly and effortlessly
  • How to face awkward situations with comfort and composure
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Communication skills and business leadership


As well as the workshop, one to one Coaching will help you to personally explore and understand how your own beliefs and values may impact the way you stand up for your personal rights, express thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wishes, wants and desires.

How to act in your own best interests, to stand up for yourself without undue anxiety, to express honest feelings comfortably and personal rights without denying the rights of others and to employ direct, honest and appropriate ways with respect for the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of other people, in all your interactions; at home, work, with employers, employees, customers or colleagues.

Our Professional Art of Saying NO, held in UK Gibraltar or Malta is bespoke designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs.

If you would like to discuss dates, group bookings or one to one session please get in touch.

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