Are you under pressure to deliver results?

  • Do you want to be an effective communicator and have more influence to get the most out of your people?
  • Do you want to position yourself as a Manager who is able to engage and motivate?
  • Would you like to have strong positive working relationships, ensuring your messages are being received to achieve outstanding performance?
  • If you manage change, performance, and people, with less time and resources, come to our Master Classes and up skill yourself to manage with greater impact than ever before.

4 3 2 1 Manager Programme

A comprehensive Program taking Managers to higher levels of competence, confidence, conviction accountability. Enabling Managers to build, develop and manage great teams, refocusing minds on what pays and what is a distraction, creating greater productivity. Developing actions to focus creativity, inspiration and motivation which in turn creates more pride and competition. When this happens, more business is gained, opportunities recognised and optimised. Your Business will have a stronger management team that others will aspire to be part of.

What You Will Gain:

      • The Power to Influence and be Assertive
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Management & Leadership Skills & Tools
      • Increased Engagement, Motivation & Commitment
      • Greater Productivity
      • Return on Investment


Who Will Benefit?

Anyone who manages people, in particular:

      • Managers
      • Supervisors
      • Team Leaders
      • Anyone looking to Progress into a Management Position

Navigate the management maze!

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Come to these Masterclasses and you will be able to:

➢ Develop and enhance your management skills by leveraging your emotional intelligence.
➢ Understand why it is not only your message or perspective that matters, it’s theirs!
➢ Understand that as a manager who is able to influence using the motivations and preferences of their team members, you will be able to get the best out of them.
➢ Be given the tools and techniques to work with anyone and deal with high pressure situations with greater ease.
➢ Make challenging situations advantageous and challenging conversations become those that enhance management capabilities and build better working relationships.
➢ Planning with purpose, charting steps to success and achievement.
➢ The managers that take themselves, their teams and their businesses forward, understand why these are important skills and essential to success.

Our 4 Foundation Masterclass’s are interactive, engaging and experiential:

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Masterclass 1 Being The Best Manager You Can Be: What is a Manager? Purpose & expectations of a Manager? Who am I as a manager?
Masterclass 2 Enhancing Relationships: How to successfully build stronger relationships with understanding, collaboration.
Masterclass 3 Team Building and Excellence: Enhance effectiveness, performance, proactivity, creativity & inspire with fun & excitement whilst encouraging excellence & not to accept mediocrity.
Masterclass 4 Coaching and Developing Talent: Make the difference by taking your people from good to excellent! Coach, develop & manage performance. Successfully and confidently manage unwanted behaviours & easily identify reasons for under-performance.

Our 3 Advanced Masterclass’s are focused and thought provoking:

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Advanced Masterclass 1 Create & cultivate: Create an environment of innovation and cultivate a natural ability to lead.
Advanced Masterclass 2 Optimise Challenging Situations: Engage choice when to hold back or move forward to reach optimal solutions. Notice how to react in and the dynamics of different or challenging conversations or situations.
Advanced Masterclass 3 Engage & Grow: Increase employee engagement,satisfaction & commitment, be the manager who makes the difference.

Our 2 Elite Masterclass’s are practical and focused on taking steps for action:

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Elite Masterclass 1 Practical Planning: Planning to take specific action, becoming even more committed to implementing what is learnt, recognising benefits personally of planning and within the organisation. How do you spend you time, how effective are you, maximise your potential.
Elite Masterclass 2 Goal setting: Find ways to ensure your plans meet your purpose, how to ‘start by stopping’ Understand more about Goal setting & insight into the communication of goals. Gain an understanding of your own personal approach to reaching goals and the sequence of steps to achieve these.

Our 1 to 1 Coaching:

coaching men
Professional coaching, focusing on the individual Manager. Consolidating Masterclass learning. Exploring strengths & challenges. Coaching puts the Manager in the driving seat, supportive, forward focused and action oriented.

Contact us to reserve a place on the above programme and individual Masterclass’s