Create an environment of success

There is considerable published research by Katzenbach, Jim Collins and Ken Blanchard in three separate bodies of work – respectively “The Wisdom of Teams”, “Good to Great” and “High Performing Teams”. It is clear that a lot is going on right, so we want to work with the momentum that is currently in place to make the growth to the next level easier.

‘Power of Words’ designers have distilled the practical learnings from these and many other publications and observations. We have applied it with considerable success in several multi-nationals with complex team and leadership structures.

Entwined amongst this thinking the team will experience the power of various management styles such as Stephen Covey’s ’7 Habits of Highly Successful People’, Prof Robert Cialdini’s ‘Principles of Influence’ and the ‘High Performance Coaching’ Model.

Throughout the event the leadership team will be focusing on real issues to find ways to move forward.

What Will You Gain:

  • Various leadership and management styles that can be implemented
  • A coaching model that can be used in many different situations
  • Ways to motivate the individuals within your teams as well as an internal motivation
  • Understanding how your language patterns affect you and others
  • ‘The Science of Influence’, and ways of using the tools to influence and persuade all those around
  • Increasing your ‘Personal Effectiveness’
  • Even more effective communication skills
  • Understanding of group dynamics
  • Negotiate even more effectively using Harvard’s Negotiation Project’s ‘Principled and Productive Negotiation’ model
  • How to deal with resistant individuals and situations
  • Give feedback that has a positive effect for the recipient and benefits the team
  • Communicate more effectively by having a positive presence
  • Be more confident and learn how to inspire others

What Will You Do:

  • Explore the consequences of commitment to your strategic goals and shared vision
  • Discover what is important and what success means for each member
  • Experience commitment to each other’s success and translate that into their real world
  • Surface each member’s extraordinary talents, acknowledge them, then amplify them to levels of self mastery
  • Explore how the research on Patterns of Social Influence can be applied to improve and develop all the employees
  • Form an action plan that integrates commitment to a shared vision with a commitment to each other’s success
  • Bring to the surface any differing viewpoints and draw a line in the sand as to what you want and don’t want with interpersonal effectiveness

Resources may include:

  • Biology of Belief – Lipton
  • Success Intelligence – Holden
  • Situational Leadership – Blanchard
  • 4 Roles of Leadership – Covey
  • Good to Great – Collins
  • Profit from the Core – Zook
  • Master Strategist – Patel
  • Leadership Archetypes – Bell
Our Leadership Programmes, held in UK Gibraltar or Malta, are bespoke designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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