Learning Re-connected, Gibraltar 2016-17

Ever had a great conversation that challenges and affirms your thinking? A conversation where you have been inspired and enthralled? A meeting of minds or an enjoyable disagreement of perspective? Learning Re-connected is your opportunity to have such conversations that will deepen your thought processes, develop your enquiring mind and be interested in your experiences and opinions in a safe and sociable environment.


Benefit, Enrich, Grow, Enjoy, Share!

For those that want:

  • Stimulating conversations about issues that really matter
  • Sharing what’s working in life
  • Best practices in leadership
  • To hone their balance in life
  • To keep growing and learning
  • To feel inspired with a network of people whose community you are part of and contributing to.



Numbers are limited and will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Sign up now by emailing sally@powerofwords.eu.