Making It Easier For Your Customers To Buy From You

This course is designed for everyone who wants to make it easier for customers to buy and to improve your sales, negotiation, influencing and persuasion skills.

Why not take the course on Sales and Negotiation skills to know how to close deals.

What You Will Learn:

Questioning & Listening

  • How asking the right questions will get you to the ‘Yes’
  • The importance of listening and asking great questions
  • How the quality of your questions will affect the quality of the answers you get
  • How to listen by actively hearing all that you see and hear


  • Effective communication with others and understanding the impact you have on them whilst demonstrating assertive behaviour
  • Begin to notice the positive effect of your communication to give you choices and be purposefully confident more of the time


  • How mentioning a weakness can be a strength
  • How understanding ‘Metaprogrammes’ will improve your communication with others

Body Language

  • What is body language and how you can use it to increase rapport
  • How your body language will tell more than words ever can

Goal planning

  • How, by creating a well-formed outcome, you are more likely to get there elegantly and effortlessly
  • How to develop your winning attitude even further
  • How to conclude a sale and get the commitment from your customer

Negotiation tools

  • How to face awkward situations with comfort and composure
  • Negotiation tactics and perceptions
  • How to use effective bargaining skills
Our Influencing and Persuasion courses, held in UK Gibraltar or Malta are bespoke designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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