We engage established psychological concepts, the latest brain and learning research


This two-day Professional Business Masterclass builds on your Presentation & Influencing skills, delving into how to increase your impact on others. We work closely with Dr Robert’s Cialdini’s ‘Principles of Influence’ from his book ‘Influence, Science and Practice’ & ‘Persuasion’.

Each of the individuals on this masterclass will receive in-depth coaching throughout the days on how to use language more effectively with pace, tonality, inflection and gestures as master communicators do. The programme ends with an opportunity to adapt and test skills and ideas, these two days are highly interactive and experiential.

You will deliver at least two mini-presentations each day, growing through experimentation in a very safe environment. You are filmed each time you present, and will watch this in private with an experienced and friendly coach, who makes sure that you are aware of all your progress. You then take away a record of your evolution as an accomplished presenter.

The way this programme is facilitated and trained means that the learning continues way beyond the classroom, and sets a ‘learning filter’ so that every time a delegate sees and hears a speaker, they automatically enrich their own experience.

By the end of the two days they will have a plan to go forward that will work for the immediate demands and pressures. They will understand the processes and tools they have used so implementing similar strategies in the future will be easier. They will also be formulating presentations in sales and/or marketing with greater ease.


Delegates will be well on their way to being able to:

  • Enjoy speaking in front of any group, large or small, being in control and genuinely feeling calmer
  • Enjoy presenting oneself in any situation that demands conveying a message with influence, such as interviews, assessments or getting buy-in towards a project or initiative
  • Presenting themselves as professionals, who communicate easily with the receiver in mind, making communication easier and more effective
  • Presenting sales or marketing processes, positions and attitudes
  • Being able to use mind, body and voice to convey credibility and engaging the secrets of language and presentation structure to gain early agreement, influencing and dealing with objections before they arise
  • Demonstrating behaviours that support professional negotiations
  • Display strategies for dealing with difficult people or situations and fielding questions with ease (RSA)
  • Integrate proven factors of influence using passion and experience of a chosen subject to make it easy for people to listen to you

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This intensive two-day programme is for individuals who want to present themselves, their subject or both to clients, groups, teams, audiences, and be able to position themselves for the greatest IMPACT ‘Empower Your Impact’.

Numbers on the two Day workshops are kept low & in small groups to ensure you have an exceptional experience throughout

Many delegates have benefited from on-going one to one coaching following on from this event. The event gives a clear structure for any future coaching to be grounded with basic fundamental skills. Please view the coaching action plan.

Our Empowering Your Impact course, held in UK, Gibraltar or Malta

Open to delegates from individual business and organisations

At just £570 per person for the two day Masterclass.

Please contact us for details of the next course.

Alternatively, we can provide in-house training designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs.

If you would like discuss in-house delivery please get in touch.