The Essence of High Performance Coaching

You will learn the High Performance Coaching (HPC) model that is designed to facilitate a metamorphosis both in yourself, and your clients. This is much more than a coaching method. The HPC model is a framework into which all other approaches to coaching fit, showing you where to use your existing tools and unifying all techniques in one place. The Essence of High Performance Coaching will change the way you coach forever and leads the way from competence to brilliance.

What Will You Gain:

  • An approach to Coaching that supports the client, existing talent and encourages brilliance
  • The High Performance Coaching model
  • Increasing you range and flexibility
  • New tools and processes that work to maximize the effect of the coaching time you have
  • Going beyond goal setting, problem solving and conventional benchmarking to create lasting differences
  • Noticing patterns and respecting values that allow transition up to the next level
  • How “unvarnished truth” becomes the basis for intervention
  • Ways to challenge your clients, assumptions and limitations
  • Language patterns and the power they have
  • Being present, Giving feedback
  • Dealing with emotions, Developing identity
Our Coaching the Coach Programmes, held in UK Gibraltar or Malta are bespoke designed and tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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