Business Coaching Courses

Power of Words offers a range of courses covering business coaching, business and personal development, to boost your business, encourage better leadership and management and improve your public speaking. Power of Words empowers your impact through one-to-one and group business coaching, including licensed courses. All our courses are tailor made to your individual or business needs.

Leadership Programmes

Are you a busy leader with a full schedule and want to grow to the next level? With our Leadership Programmes you will be able to implement various leadership and management styles, be more effective communicator and increase your personal efficiency, to name a few.

Be a Better Leader

One to One Coaching

Benefit from extra support in shifting to more productive, dynamic business ways with accountability and pride. Where specific training needs are highlighted we can also offer either one to one or one to many sessions as the need requires.

Improve your Performance

Coaching the Coach Programmes

You will learn the High Performance Coaching (HPC) model that is designed to facilitate a metamorphosis both in yourself; and your clients. This is much more than a coaching method. The Essence of High Performance Coaching will change the way you coach for ever and leads the way from competence to brilliance.

Change the way you coach

High Performance Coaching Programmes

Through coaching intervention you will develop techniques to make your messages stronger, more articulate and have a greater influence to a wider global audience. Power of Words has a coach for you who is as individual as you and equally committed to your success. We build sincere and trusting relationships and act as a partner rather than supplier.

Be a Successful Coach

Management Programmes

Creates the alchemy to develop individuals into leaders that others will want to follow. The tools used will incorporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Solutions Focus, Systems Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Critical Thinking Processes, Harvard Business Reviews Leadership and Teamship models, to name but a few.

Excell in Management

Empowering Your Impact

This two-day master class will enable you to take more pleasure from communicating your ideas to others – however large the audience.

A visual record of your achievement is made and reviewed privately at every stage of your development. The learning environment created is one of challenge and safety. Your learning is assured. Your impact will increase.

Empower Yourself

Charismatic Communication Skills

Would you like the ability to influence your customers, clients or colleagues? Then our one day Communication Skills course is just for you. Aimed at individuals who interact with people and would like to increase customer satisfaction or perhaps employee productivity.

Improve your Communication

Influencing and Persuasion

Need to know how to make your customers commit, what questions to ask and how? In this course we cover a wide range of topics, from questioning and listening to your customers; to negotiating and making that sale!

Persuade Better

Sales and Negotiation

An essential part of any sales professional’s role. Identifying the appropriate negotiation style to use, building the right rapport with your clients and knowing how and when to close the deal are critical.

Improve your Negotiating

Thinking vs. Time Management

This course focuses on updating how you think, a human software update so as to keep on top of today’s technologically driven and ever changing age. This one day course will show you how to explore your internal drivers and motivators and manage your thinking and time more effectively.

Update your Thinking