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Institute of Directors (IoD) Gibraltar Professional Training & Development 2017

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• Do you want to be and work with others who are effective board professionals?
• Do you want to have and be part of the optimum board, be a consensus builder, with sound informed decision-making, developing the effectiveness of the board as a whole?
• Do you want to understand your own personal responsibilities and those of the group’s actions with much greater expertise?

Join Power of Words IoD Gibraltar professional development programmes with internationally recognised certification and awards for Directors. IoD Gibraltar gives the comfort of knowing that you are part of Alumni that builds and promotes high standards of excellence and professionalism in the boardroom, essential for businesses to succeed.

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IoD Gibraltar is supporting leaders in their professional development with our highly regarded programmes delivered in association with the University Of Gibraltar.

IoD Certificate in Company Direction

Non-Executive Director Award

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Management Masterclasses Gibraltar

Are you under pressure to deliver results?

    • Do you want to be an effective communicator and have more influence to get the most out of your people?
    • Do you want to position yourself as a Manager who is able to engage and motivate?
    • Would you like to have strong positive working relationships, ensuring your messages are being received to achieve outstanding performance?

If you manage change, performance, and people, with less time and resources than ever before, come to our Manager MasterClasses and up skill yourself to manage with even greater impact.

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Contact us to book open courses or for bespoke in-house delivery.

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4321 Manager Masterclasses


Our Mission

Power of Words creates a business coaching environment for individuals and groups by empowering them to tap into their potential for excellence: within leadership, management and relationships. This in turn has knock-on effects and creates the career, business and life you dream of. We always strive to develop a curiosity in individuals so that your continued growth and development is ongoing. Teaching you the techniques of how to develop as well as enabling development is always our ultimate aim.

About Power Of Words

Some of Our Clients

Over the years we have worked with many businesses in the UK, Gibraltar and Malta. Below are just a few that we had the pleasure to work with.
Transforming and empowering businesses since 1999.
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Our Business Courses

Looking for business coaching courses to take your business or your career to the next level? We have helped businesses and individuals to boost their business, encourage better leadership and management. Reach your goals in 2016 and beyond with Power Of Words.

Directors Development

Looking to progress your career, enhance knowledge or transform your board’s performance, we have the right Director’s courses, qualifications & development to support you & your business.

Management Programmes

Management MasterClasses: Taking Managers to higher levels of competence, confidence and conviction with our 4 3 2 1 Manager Masterclasses. Attend all or choose individually.

Thinking vs. Time Management

This course is aimed at improving your thinking at today’s demanding way of life. Gain more control over your life, feel calmer and get motivated to achieve your goals in life or work. It is a one day course.

Leadership Programmes

Focused on real issues to find ways to move forward using various management styles such as 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Principles of Influence and High Performance Coaching Models.

Licensed NLP Courses

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) helps enhance communication, personal development and psychotherapy to achieve specific goals in your life or business. Gain more success, happiness.

Courageous Conversations

Proven strategies to build up your courage and confidence to communicate with others this day is aimed at individuals interacting with other people and wanting to improve communication.

Communication Skills

Learn how to influence customers, clients and colleagues. With Communication Skills course you will find out how to increase customer and employee satisfaction and productivity.

Sales and Negotiation

Aimed at individuals who would like to improve their sales and negotiation techniques together with influencing and persuasion. You will learn how to make customers buy from you and negotiate.

What Our Clients Say

Have a look at how we influenced our clients’ businesses and how investing into your employees could improve your business.


Our trainers are certified and accredited, you can be sure you are getting the real deal.